Terms of Service

If you plan to commission me [LakeMutt] you must agree to the terms/prices


I have a brain disease/disorder (IIH) that causes memory loss/short term memory loss, because of this I tend to forget / be forgetful & may forget things often. I do not do this out of mal intent or ignorance, it is something I unfortunately cannot control & live with delay, which affects my life & work greatly. If this makes you uncomfortable to work with me, please DO NOT commission me. I do everything to keep track of all of my work, but I do still tend to slip up.

Thank you! :)

I have the right to deny any commission that I do not feel comfortable doing it.


  •    Please give me up to 3-4 months MAX to complete your commission, afterwards, please do DM me.
  • You’re free to DM me whenever however if you have any questions or concerns!
  • If I have not started on your commission within the 1.5 months you have the right to cancel and receive a refund UNLESS A SPECIFIC MONTH/DATE HAS BEEN GIVEN, but if I have started during the 1 month and you still want to cancel, no refund will be given!
  •  Bigger commissions can take up to 4 months
  • I do NOT do deadlines for conventions, however if you order early enough, please let me know if you’d like it for a specific convention & I will do my utmost best to get it completed for it.


  • Prices are as is, they will not change and will not change if you attempt to haggle with me.
  • I will always send a WIP for most commissions, besides where I state NO WIP is sent!
  •  When a WIP is shown..please tell me if you want any changes, the first 3 changes are FREE. However, if there are more then 3 CHANGES/edits, a +$5USD fee will incur for each additional change/edit.
  • If the artwork is completed & you would like an edit/change a $15USD fee will incur for each edit/change.


  • I will not draw the following:
  • Anything ILLEGAL (beastality, pedophilla, etc)
  • Anything Nazi related
  • Animal Abuse
  • Self harm, suicide, etc
  • Scat, diapers, etc.
  • feral porn
  • Realistic animal genitalia 
  • Anything I deny to draw


Uses of my artwork/your commission

●        You are free to post the work I created for you online, but you need to credit me by linking back to me or @‘ing me (@lakemutt)

●        Do not claim the image as your own work/somebody elses (that isn’t me [LakeMutt])

●        The image cannot be used for commercial purposes unless it is made to do so

●        I'm willing to do commercial work for the fee of 200% the quoted price.

As the creator of the image [LakeMutt] I have the right to revoke [part] image ownership from [you] at anytime and for any reason I see fit. [You] only have part ownership of the image, (characters/idea/etc.) all work is done and owned by me.[LakeMutt] I also have the right to use said artwork for any promotion/advertising of my commissions/portfolio,etc.

Commissioner Responsibilities

  • As the commissioner you are responsible for the following
  •  A reference sheet of who you’d like me to draw
  • How you’d like the drawing to be, if not specified I have the artist freedom to do as a I please. 
  • If You are UNHAPPY or NOT liking how the artwork is coming out, PLEASE tell me. I CANNOT read your mind. Im here to make sure you are satisfied with your artwork!


I only accept  Sqaure

  • You MUST pay me upfront before I start, no exceptions.
  • I will not allow you to commission me if you’re known to scam, cheat, etc.
  • Paypal is ONLY for international costumers!


  • Please do keep in mind this is a business. I do my best to treat you with respect and I do expect it to be returned.
  • Please be patient with me when it comes to responses or anything else, I do my best to give you the best art I can!
  • My work days are MONDAY-FRIDAY, I need time off just like you! Please do not expect a response if you message me on the weekends.
  • I update my trello within 2-3 business days of receiving your commission, if you do not see your commission on my trello by then please give me a poke! I have memory problems & do forget from time to time. 
  • If you need the commission done at a certain date, please do let me know! But I do charge a fee if you want it ASAP [ Only if its in a 1-2 week span, depending on how busy I’m]

Thank you for reading!

Last Updated - 3/26/2024